Arts & Crafts Classes

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Arts & Crafts Parties

For a crafty birthday party, celebrate with everyone exploring their artistic side.  Being creative is so much fun, so let's kick it up a notch to make art a festivity.  Our instructors will help you design a project around your pre-selected theme or if you don't have a theme, they will find out what is most fascinating about your child's imagination and create the perfect Art Party!  Arts & Crafts Birthday Parties are for children ages 3 to 15.

Art Party

Arts & Crafts Parties

1) Host Parent/Group Contact MUST schedule/book party or class with Program Specialist:
Franklin - Shelley Egly, 615-790-5719 Ext 2020 or
Longview – Janey Mason, 615-302-0971 Ext 2216 or
Fairview – Chase Cribbs, 615-799-9331 Ext 2315 or
Nolensville – Erin Williams, 615-786-0200 Ext 2417 or

2) Program Specialist will work with Host Parent/contact to select which art project option they would like to choose at the time of booking and then the Programmer will contact the appropriate instructor to coordinate the party.

3) Cost of the party/class can vary from $10.00 to $20.00 per person depending on the supplies needed - Minimum of 6 participants and maximum of 20 participants.

4) Payment for a party/class must be paid no later than 1 week prior to date of event. Payment for additional participants will be made on the party/class day, if necessary. WCPRD will not issue refunds for participants that do not come to the party/class but were paid for in advance.

5) Cancellation Policy: WCPRD requires at least 48 hour notice if Host Parent needs to cancel their party/class to receive a full refund. No refunds will be given with less than 48 hour notice.

6) Reschedule Policy: WCPRD requires at least 48 hour notice if Host Parent needs to reschedule their party/class. Party/class must be rescheduled within 1 month of the original party/class date.

7) Two hour party/class includes: Party/Class time with instructor for 1 to 1.5 hours and 30 minutes for refreshments.

8) Host Parent may supply: table decorations & balloons, paper products and cutlery, birthday cake/pizza/refreshments, goody bags, etc. WCPR will not supply these items. No events may be catered. Food must be pre-cooked and brought into the facility by the Host family.

9) The taping, pinning or fastening of banners, posters, etc. in any way to the walls is prohibited. Use of confetti is prohibited. Any damage and/or extended cleaning time resulting from the afore mentioned will be the responsibility of the Host Parent.

10) Instructor and at least 1 parent must stay for the duration of the party/class. Meeting room space must be left clean and orderly once party/class is over. This requires that all trash is placed in proper trash receptacles, that all equipment is clean and stored properly and that any supplies, decorations or personal items brought by party/class host/parent are removed from the room.

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