Therapeutics Activities

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Nolensville Therapeutics Activities

All programs listed below take place at the Williamson County Complex at Nolensville. For questions, please contact Tilly Lenihan at 615-786-0200 ext. 2410 or 

Join us for an afternoon of games, crafts, and fun! Participants will need to bring a lunch, snack, drink, and any personal care items. This programs meets on a Saturday afternoon from 11:30am-3:30pm and is for participants ages 6-23. The cost is $25/respite. This program takes place at the Williamson County Recreation Complex at Nolensville. Personal care is provided. Space is limited for this program, and registration is required (registration is on a first come, first served basis). Please note: Participants must be a resident of Williamson County.

New Respite Participants: An assessment must be completed by a parent or legal guardian prior to registration. New participant must be present during the assessment. To schedule an appointment, please call (615) 790-5719 ext. 2033.

2023-2024 Respite Dates
August 26 (Registration Code 27804)
November 4 (Registration Code 27805)
February 3 (Registration Code 27806)
April 6 (Registration Code 27807)

NEW! Therapeutics Bingo
Come out and enjoy a game day with friends. We will serve light refreshments while playing Bingo. Who knows, you may go home with a prize if you win Bingo! We look forward to seeing everyone!
PALS Program: People at Leisure with Support (A caregiver is required to stay with those needing support). 

Tuesday, August 8 (Registration Code 27861)
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