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Adult Softball

Softball Field
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Welcome to the WCPR Adult Softball page.  We offer a variety of leagues with varying skill level.  Whether you are a team looking for a league or a free agent looking to join a team, we have options for you.


**Field Status Update: 10/26 3:00PM**
Fieldstone Farms: PLAY BALL!
Granny White Park: PLAY BALL!

**FALL 2023 Softball League Schedules & Standings**
*SUMMER 2023 Champions * 
Bethesda Park Men's 2A Champion: Christ Chapel 
Rocky Fork Park Coed Champion: Mama's Java

Spring 2023 Adult Softball Champions
Sunday GW/FSF Coed 5/5f: North Division: Bad News Bears / South Division: 50 Shades of Blue
Wednesday Men's 2A: North Division: We Got The Runs / South Division: Contract Year
Wednesday Men's 3A: Jonathan's Grill
Thursday Men's 1A: Boomers
Thursday Men's 2A: North Division: Mail Escorts / South Division: Son's of Pitches

   Fall 2022 
    Sunday Coed 5/5: North Champions UNITED/South Champions Bad News Bears  

    Wednesday Men's 2A: North Champions The Bombers/South Champions Butler
    Wednesday Men's 3A: Champions Jonathan's Grill 
    Thursday Men's 1A: Champions Franklin 1st United
    Thursday Men's 2A: North Champions BUMC/South Champions The Softball Team
    Tuesday/Thursday Nolensville 7/3 Coed: Champions B & B 

   Summer 2022
     Nolensville Coed 5/5
Champion: B&B  
     Bethesda Sunday Men’s 2A Champion: Spring Green 

   Spring 2022
     Sunday Coed - Bad News Bears

     Wednesday 2A North - We Got the Runs
     Wednesday 2A South - Elite Insurance
     Wednesday 3A - Crye Leike
     Thursday 2A North - Boogers Yellow
     Thursday 2A South - BUMC
     Thursday A - Country Thunder

   Fall 2021     Monday 3A Champions: Crye Leike
     Tuesday Coed Champions: Butler Team 
     Wednesday 2A Champions: Fighting Cacti
     Wednesday 3A Champions: Old School Moves 
     Thursday 1A
Champions: Boomers
     Thursday 2A Champions: BUMC 
     Thursday 3A Champions: Bush Leaguers 
     Sunday Coed Champions: Raise The Bar

   Summer 2021
    Bethesda Sunday Men's 2A Champions: Christ Chapel
    Nolensville Tuesday/Thursday Coed Champions: SNAFU 

   Spring 2021
     Sunday Coed  Champions: Incredibles
     Sunday 45+  Champions: Team #1
     Monday 3A  Upper Division Champions:  The Berger Group  
     Monday 3A  Lower Division Champions:  No Hit, Hitters
     Wednesday 2A NORTH  Champions:  Caught Lookin
     Wednesday 2A SOUTH  Champions:  GK Tin Knockers
     Thursday 2A  Champions:  Grace Chapel
     Thursday 1A  Champions:  Boomers

Free Agents 
If you are new to the area, looking to join a team, looking to meet new people, or if you are just looking to have a little fun while playing softball, give us a call, (615) 370 3471 ext 2121.

Interested in umpiring?  We are looking for umpires for the upcoming season.  Experience is preferred, but not required.  We will train you! 
$30 per game.  Games are played Sunday through Thursday, close to 8 months out of the year.  Must be at least 18 years old.

Rain Out Information
WCPR Rainout Line - (615) 370-0209 
Granny White Rainout Line - (615) 373-8310

Chris Gravlee 
Assistant Athletics Superintendent / Adult Sports
Ph: (615) 370 3471 ext 2114
Cell:  (615) 207-6578  

Javis Dennis 
Assistant Adult Sports Coordinator



Unlimited - 
No Home Run limit. Our most competitive league. HS Baseball / College Baseball / Tournament Softball experience

4A - 8 Home Run limit per game. Our most competitive leagues. HS Baseball / College Baseball / Tournament Softball experience

3A - 6 Home Run limit per game. High - Mid level of play and competition. HS Baseball / College Baseball / Softball experience

2A - 4 Home Run limit per game. Moderate level of play and competition. Recreational league. HS Baseball and Softball experience

1A - 1 Home Run limit per game. Purely for fun. One of our least competitive leagues. Little or no baseball or softball experience.

REC - O Home Runs. Purely for fun. Perfect for work based teams. Little or no baseball or softball experience.

Coed Leagues: For all coed leagues the men are limited to 3 home runs per game (unlimited for women).

Field Locations
Fieldstone Softball Complex
1377 Hillsboro Rd. 
Franklin, TN 37064
Map (driving directions)

Granny White Park
610 Granny White Pike   
Brentwood, TN 37027
Map (driving directions)
Bethesda Park 
4907 Bethesda Rd. 
Thompsons Station, TN 37179
Map  (driving directions)

Rocky Fork Park  
2310 Nolensville Park Rd. 
Nolensville, TN 37135
Map (driving directions)

Fairview Ball Park
214 TN-96
Fairview, TN 37062

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