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The Williamson County Parks and Recreation Department provides our residents with basketball opportunities across the county. No matter the level, we offer a league for you! For more information, please contact: Chris Gravlee at (615) 370-3471 ext. 2114

FALL 2019

FALL Adult Basketball @ Nolensville
Champion - The BOMB Squad

FALL Adult Basketball @ Academy Park  
Tuesday D2 Tournaments 

                          A Tournament
 Tuesday, 1/21
  Game 5  6:30pm  Court 1  (1)  All Stain  vs  (4)  Deez Nets

  Game 6  7:30pm  Court 1  (2)  Thouroughbreds  vs  (3)  Moon Pies
 Tuesday, 1/28
  Game 7  7:30pm  CHAMPIONSHIP GAME

                          B Tournament
 Tuesday, 1/21
  Game 3  8:30pm  Court 1  (1)  Rolling Hills  vs  (4)  Bye Week Ballers
 Tuesday, 1/28
  Game 4  6:30pm  (2)  ASAP  vs  Winner of Game 3

Thursday 35+ Tournament
 Thursday, 1/23
  Game 1  (4)  Not Fast, Just Furious  vs  (5)  Bomb Squad
  Game 2  (2)  Royalty  vs  (7)  Full Flip
  Game 3  (3)  Grizzlies  vs  (6)  Throwbacks
                 (1)  Hustle Hard - Bye

 Thursday, 1/30
  Game 4  (1)  Hustle Hard  vs  Winner of Game 1
  Game 5  Winner of Game 2  vs  Winner of Game 3

 Thursday, 2/6

WINTER Adult Sunday D1/D2 Basketball @ Academy Park

Sunday, January 26, Week 1
 Court 1
2pm  Advent Health Partners  vs  Splashville
3pm  Uncle Drew’s Crew  vs  Mouserat
4pm  Thouroughbreds  vs  Deep Freeze
5pm  Monstars (Forrest)  vs  Dynothunder

 Court 2
2pm  Monstars 2.0 (Weiss)  vs  Brick Squad
3pm  Spring Hill Spartans  vs  Golden Street Warriors
4pm  Free Agent Team  vs  Bankers Ballers


WINTER 2020 Adult Wednesday Basketball @ Fairview Rec
Activity Code: 15836
Price: $450/team
Registration: January 15 - February 12 or until full
Season starts: Wednesday, February 19
Round Robin + tournament
Game Times: 6:30p, 7:30p, 8:30p
Free Agents: Contact Mike Arnold (

Summer 2019

Sunday Afternoon D1/D2 @ Academy Park

A Tournament
Champion - Wink Tee

B Tournament
Champion - Brick Squad   

Tuesday Evening D2 @ Academy Park
Champion - Inklings

Thursday Evening 35+ @ Academy Park
Champion - Grizzlies

Don't have a team? 
Register as a Free Agent and a team will be formed from individual registrants.

Spring 2019

   Sunday 30+ at Nolensville Rec Center

  Tuesday D2 at Longview Rec Center (Spring Hill)

Winter 2019
  Sunday League at Academy Park

Academy Park Fall 2018 Tuesday D2 Champion - Lone Chief

Nolensville Fall 2018 Sunday 30+ Champion - TKO   

 2018 Basketball at Academy Park

  Tuesday D2 Champion - Playground Legends 
  Thursday 35+ Champion - Deep Freeze
  Sunday D1 Champion - Wink Tee

Longview Rec Center Spring 2018 (Spring Hill)
Champions  Wasting Time (pic)

Spring 2018 Basketball Sunday 30+ Nolensville Champions - Monstars  (pic)

 2018 Basketball Leagues

 Sunday D1 / D2 at Academy Park
  D1 Champions  - Wasting Time (pic)
  D2 Champions - CrossPoint (pic)


Register Online! Click here to register your team! You will be asked to create an account before you can register your team. Full payment is required at the time of registration. We cannot hold or reserve your spot. Leagues will be filled on a first come first serve basis. 


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