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The Therapeutics Division is devoted to providing year round leisure opportunities for individuals with intellectual disabilities. The goal of the Therapeutic Recreation (TR) Division is to promote a positive, safe and fun recreation experience for all participants. To help us provide the best possible experience, please be mindful of the following policies:


  • Registration is required for most programs offered in the TR Division.
  • Registration is available online and in person. Voicemail registrations will not be accepted. Registration is on a first come, first served basis.
  • Registrations for all programs will begin on the first registration date listed. Details for each program can be found by clicking on the program's registration code.
  • Some programs have limited enrollment. If a program closes due to maximum enrollment, names will automatically be put on a waiting list. Participants will be contacted if additional space becomes available.


  • Payment is due for online and in person registrations to secure a spot for a program. 
  • Cash and check payments can only be made in person at our Franklin or Nolensville facilities.  
  • Credit card/debit card payments can be accepted online or in person at our Franklin or Nolensville facilities. A small, non-refundable processing fee is collected for all credit/debit card transactions.

Refunds by check or credits to accounts (to use towards another WCPR program or event) can be requested up to 24 hours before the program. After that point, most programs are non refundable unless your spot can be filled by someone off the waiting list. Processing fees are non refundable. Please allow a minimum of 2-3 weeks for refunds by check.

Appropriate social behavior is encouraged in all programs. The TR staff will do their best to ensure each participant's success. If, in the opinion of the TR staff, a participant's behavior becomes detrimental to the group or to themselves, a parent/legal guardian will be contacted to pick up the participant immediately.


  • For PALS Programs, if a participant is independent and needs medication, the participant must be able to administer their own medication.
  • For programs offering total personal care (Respite and Camp Will), prescription or OTC medications will be administered, as instructed, and directly supervised by either a WCPR staff or nursing staff (which may include nursing school students, CNAs, RNs, BSNs, or LPNs). For prescription medications, please send just one dosage in the original prescription bottle (must include participant's name and instructions for administration). For OTC medications, please label the OTC medication container with your participant's name and write out detailed instructions regarding the dosage amount and time your participant will need to take the medication.
  • WCPR staff and nursing staff cannot perform certain medical procedures. If your family member requires injections, catheterization, colostomy bag, or tube feeding during Respite or Camp Will, we will will gladly accommodate any qualified person or outside agency you choose to send to perform these services.
  • Due to staff to participant ratio for some programs, a caregiver is required to stay with those needing support or personal care. Participant criteria is listed with each program description.


  • When arriving at a program, parents/legal guardians are encouraged to sign in the participant and leave a number where they can be reached...even if the participant has a cell phone!
  • If a participant is to be picked up by someone other than the parent/legal guardian/caregiver, please notify the TR staff at the beginning of the program.
  • Parents/legal guardians/caregivers are encouraged to pick up their participants. Due to staff to participant ratios, TR staff cannot walk participants out to the parking lot.

For inclement weather updates on facility closures, please call the department's Inclement Weather Hotline at (615) 591-8524. Information regarding program cancellations due to inclement weather will be listed on our website and other various social media, and at the front desk of the facility where the program is taking place.

We have a monthly Registration Reminder e-mail service for our participants and their families. The e-mails include program registration information as well as Inclement Weather information. The Registration Reminder is divided into three categories:

  • Teens and Up (Potluck & Bingo, Recreation Night, Games Galore, etc.)
  • Respite
  • Camp Will

If you would like to receive a monthly reminder, please do the following...

  • E-mail Jayne McFadden:
  • In the subject area of your e-mail, put "Registration Request"
  • In the content of the e-mail, put the category you wish to receive reminders about. You may request more than one category.

For questions, please call Jayne McFadden at (615) 790-5719 ext. 2033.

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