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Kids, Adults & Senior - Small Group Training

Website Tile Longview Kids Sports Performance Camp
   Kids Sports Performance         Camp
    Ages 9-13
   Longview Rec Center
   w/ Carrie R & Megan H
   Certified Personal Trainers
   June 13th-29th
   Mondays & Wednesdays
   Drop- In Now available
                                                         at front desk

July 6-27th
Mondays & Wednesdays

If you have an athlete, ages 9 - 13, that wants to improve their speed, endurance, balance or strength this is the camp for you! During this 3 week camp, your child will learn basic exercises, work on speed, balance and agility drills all while having fun and becoming healthier and stronger!

Lynn Leaf Small Group Website TileSmall Group Training
Enrichment Center 
w/ Lynn Leaf

      Mondays & Fridays
       June 17 Register HERE
       June 20 Register HERE
       June 24 Register HERE
       June 27 Register HERE

       July 11  Register HERE
       July 15  Register HERE
                                                                   July 18  Register HERE
                                                                   July 22  Register HERE
                                                                   July 25  Register HERE
                                                                   July 29  Register HERE

Small group training combines the best training tools from your traditional fitness classes with progressive workouts to help you improve your cardiovascular system, strength, power, and endurance. Whether you strive to lose weight, improve functionality, or build a better body, this game-changing new program provides accountability, camaraderie, and challenging workouts to make it happen. Lynn Leaf, your coach will push you to your limit while ensuring safety in your movements, hold you accountable, and motivate you to succeed inside and out of class. Register for all 8 classes and receive a fitness assessment.

Copy of Deb Bakewell Yoga for Tennis - Website
Yoga for Tennis
Small Group Training
Indoor Sports Complex
w/ Deb Bakewell

On Hold for Summer

Yoga promotes long, lean, strong, and flexible muscles. Join this weekly small group “Yoga for Tennis” class focused on improving flexibility, strength, and range of motion in the hips, back, ankles, knees, shoulders, and wrists. You also will learn breathing techniques to improve breath control and awareness.

Indoor Boxing Classes
Small Group Boxing
Fairview w/ Payton G               
July 5, 19,26
Tuesdays 6:30pm Register HERE

Nolensville  w/ Tracy 
July 1-29     Fridays   8am   
Register HERE

In this small group session, you will learn techniques & grow in the skill of kickboxing! Come feel the power & see what an amazing workout kickboxing is!

Essentrics - websiteStretch and Tone w/ Essentrics

Enrichment Center 
w/ Susan Fisher


Mondays  | 6-7pm
                                                         Register HERE

Enrichment Center
                                                      Tuesdays  | 12:30-1:30pm
Register HERE

Small Group TrainingSmall Group Training -
Nolensville Rec Complex
w/ Tracy Knapp  
$15/ per person  

Monday/Wednesday/Friday  7:00am 

*Walk-Ins Only, pay at Front Desk*

Are you ready to get a jump on fitness? Join Tracy Knapp for this Small Group Intensive. This group will meet three times per week and will focus on strength workouts. 

Small Group
Small Group Training
Nolensville Rec Complex
w/ Erin Fennell 

$15 per person walk-in
Register Monthly

June Tuesdays & Thursdays 
7-7:45am Register HERE

This 45-min small group, personal training session will focus on developing strength and mobility. Enjoy challenging and never boring workouts that keep you moving, sweating and seeing changes in your body. All fitness levels are welcome.  

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