Timberland Park

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Upcoming Programs

At Timberland Park the parks and rec staff offers guided hikes, hiking trails, walking trails, children's hike, kids' nature journal, signs of wildlife, and more! Most programs are FREE to attend. Check back soon for more programming opportunities in the near future! Activities will require online pre-registration. For more information call (615) 232-4154.

TP January Programs

January Programs
Click HERE for more information and to register. Registration is required.

Friday, January 22nd    8:30am
Reg. Code #19292
2 Mile Guided Hike

Saturday, January 23rd    9:30am
Reg. Code #19299
Attracting Winter Wildlife

Sunday, January 24th    9:30am
Reg. Code #19300
2 Mile Guided Hike

Saturday, January 30th    10:30am
Reg. Code #19294
Winter Plants

Sunday, January 31st    1:00pm

Reg. Code #19293
Pinching Pennies with Hypothermia
February Programs
Click HERE to register and for more information.

Animal Tracks
Saturday, February 6th    10:00am
Reg. Code #19412

1 Mile Guided Hike
Sunday, February 7th    10:00am
Reg. Code #19413

Pine Cone Bird Feeder Craft
Friday, February 12th    9:30am
Reg. Code #19419

History of Timberland Park
Saturday, February 13th    9:30am
Reg. Code #19415

Birds of Winter
Sunday, February 14th    9:30am
Reg. Code #19416

Animal Skulls
Friday, February 19th    10:00am
Reg. Code #19414

10 Essentials of Hiking
Saturday, February 20th    9:30am
Reg. Code #19417

2 Mile Guided Hike
Sunday, February 21st    9:30am
Reg. Code #19418

1.5 Mile Guided Hike
Saturday, February 27th    9:30am
Reg. Code #19421

TN State Symbols
Sunday, February 28th    9:30am
Reg. Code #19422

Healthy Parks Healthy Person

Getting outside has been proven to improve your physical and mental health.  So go ahead, step outside, get into your local park, and get moving!  While you are at it, earn points that can be redeemed for real rewards from Tennessee State Parks. Go to healthyparkstn.com for more information or use your phone and go to app.healthyparkstn.com to sign up and begin using the app!



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