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KidsCare Sitting Service

KidsCare (formerly known as Sitting Service)

Drop the kids off at KidsCare so you can enjoy your workout, class or activity knowing they are being supervised in a fun and enriching environment.  Kids will have the chance to participate in new specialized activities such as Fitness Fun, Art and Music Activities along with Story Time.  New games and toys encourage motor skill development and interaction with our KidsCare Attendants.  Activity Schedules will be posted soon.

The service is available to parents/legal guardians only, who are utilizing the recreation facilities and amenities as a pass holder or have paid general admission.  Due to limited participation numbers established by state regulations, we offer this program to our patrons as a limited time service, available on a first come, first served basis. This is not a guaranteed service to patrons and/or facility pass holders.

Hours of Operation: (subject to change)        

8:00am - 12:00pm Monday thru Saturday
4:00pm - 7:30pm Monday thru Thursday
6 weeks old to 7 years old

-Free to parents/legal guardians who are utilizing the Recreation Complex 
-This program is a “casual care” service only and is not a state licensed day care
-We offer this program as a limited time care for our patrons using the facility 
-Offered on a, “first come, first serve” basis
-Walk-in only, no reservations, no holding spots for other patrons

Capacity is Limited:
14 children maximum per room
1.5 hour time limit per session

Policies & Procedures:
In order for a parent/legal guardian to utilize KidsCare, he or she must:
-Fill out all of the appropriate paperwork on each child upon their first visit. (updated annually on 1/1)
-Only the parent/legal guardian may sign their own child into & out of the KidsCare room
     The parent/legal guardian that signs the child in must also be the same parent to sign the child out
     A release form can be completed ahead of time for another family member to admit a child to a KidsCare room
     Forms must be filled out & signed on site
     A driver’s license or patron pass picture must be shown when completing all paperwork
-Parents/ legal guardians are required to list the activity area they will be using in the event that it is necessary to reach them
-Parents/legal guardians must remain on the Rec Complex premises while their child is in a KidsCare room
-The maximum time limit for a child to be in a KidsCare room is 1.5 hours per session.
-Please respect others and keep your sick child at home.  Absolutely no sick children will be admitted into a KidsCare room
     KidsCare Attendants are not allowed to administer any type of medication to any child under any circumstance
-The Rec Center does not provide diapers, bottles, snacks or drinks
     You may provide these items for your child
     Please don’t forget a bag with a spare diaper & change of clothing
     Our KidsCare rooms are NUT-FREE.
     No gum is allowed in the KidsCare rooms
     Please be considerate with snack choices by not sending snacks that are a choking hazard
     All drinks must be in a non-spill container  (No glass)
     All items brought into the KidsCare rooms needs to be labeled (Bottles, bag, jackets, containers…)
     Shoes are required to be worn in the rooms & building for all children able to walk (Socks for non-walkers)
     Children may bring hand-held video games & books but not personal toys
     No personal videos are allowed in the KidsCare rooms
-If your child becomes ill, extremely unhappy or unmanageable, our staff will contact you:
     Our staff will work very hard to console an upset child.  In the event that a child cannot be calmed down after ten minutes, you will be contacted to help or to remove your child.
-If your child’s behavior becomes abusive, either verbally or physically (biting, hitting, kicking, pinching, etc…) towards another child or an attendant, the child will need to be removed from the room and a report will be filled out regarding the incident and reviewed by the facility manager
-The staff appreciates any written out special instructions to help your child have fun while in KidsCare
-WCPR, the Rec Center and the staff cannot be held responsible for any lost, stolen or damaged personal items
-Please pick up your child by the end of the KidsCare session  (See hours above)
-If these policies and procedures are not abided by, your KidsCare privileges may be revoked per the discretion of the facility manager.
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