Longview Recreation Center

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Longview Recreation Complex Wellness Center

The Longview Recreation Complex Wellness Center offers a variety of weightlifting and cardio equipment to meet your fitness goals. All our equipment is regularly cleaned, maintained and updated to ensure your workouts are trouble-free, efficient and safe.

Cardio Equipment
Treadmills, elliptical and recumbent elliptical machines, spectrums, upright and recumbent bikes, rowing machines, runners, climbmills, spin bikes, power meter (left pedal), stretch trainer, open striders, EFX.

Weightlifting Equipment
Adjustable bench press stations, decline bench press, hyper extension, shoulder press bench, seated calf raise, preacher curl bench, 7 degree Smith Machine, abdominal machine, dip station, seated row/lat pulldown, full squat rack with platform, Olympic flat benches, Olympic incline press, Abductor/Adductor machine, shoulder press machine, chest/rear deltoid fly machine, leg press/calf press, seated leg curl, leg extension, seated dips, rotary torso and ROC-ABS.

Stretching mats, exercise balls, Bosu balls, and resistance bands are also available.

Attendants in the Wellness Center or Front Desk are always available for assistance.

Personal Training
Are you ready to get in shape, but aren't sure where to start? One of our professional personal trainers will design a fitness program to help you meet your fitness goals. For more information, click here.
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