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Children's Sitting Service

General Information and Policies (Sitting Services currently closed)

  • The Sitting Service Program is a “casual care” service and is NOT a State licensed day care.
  • The service is free to parents/legal guardians only, who are utilizing the recreation facilities and amenities.
  • Children 6 weeks to 9 years are allowed in sitting service.
  • Due to limited participation numbers established by state regulations, we offer this program to our patrons as a limited time sitting service, available on a first come, first served basis. This is not a guaranteed service to patrons and/or facility pass holders.

Policies and Procedures:

  • In order for a parent or legal guardian to utilize the Sitting Service, he or she must:
  • Remain on the Center premises while their child is in the sitting room
  • Fill out the appropriate paperwork on each child upon their first visit (to be updated annually)
  • Accompany their child(ren) and personally sign his or her child(ren) in and out each visit – no exceptions
  • The parent that signs the child(ren) in must also be the same parent to sign the child(ren) out. This program is a Sitting Service ONLY and is not designed as a Day Care Center or Preschool, but is simply a limited time sitting service.
  • Parents/legal guardians are also required to list the activity area they will be using in the event that it is necessary to reach them.
  • Children may be placed in the service one time per shift. Maximum time for children to be in the sitting room is FV: 1.5 hours; FR: 2 hours; ISC: 2 hours; LV: 1.5 hours and NV 1.5 hours per shift. Children need to be picked up no later than 5 minutes after your class has ended or immediately following your workout and before the sitting service closes.
  • Absolutely no sick children will be allowed in the sitting room. We strive to keep the Recreation Center a healthy and happy place. Please respect other children who are healthy by keeping your sick child at home.
  • The Sitting Service Personnel will not administer any type of medication to a child under any circumstances. Please take care of this before they are brought into the Sitting Room.
  • The Recreation Center DOES NOT provide diapers, bottles, snacks or drinks. You my however bring these items for your child if you so choose. All baby bottles brought into the sitting room must be capped and labeled. No glass containers or bottles should be brought into the sitting room. No gum or suckers allowed in the sitting service room.
  • No food or snack containing any type of peanut product will be allowed in the sitting service rooms.
  • All items left in our possession must be labeled with your child’s name. This helps to ensure that items are given to the appropriate children and that there is no confusion with items that look alike.
  • If your child becomes ill, extremely unhappy or unmanageable, you will be paged to the sitting room immediately. If we have tried to console your child and he or she continues to cry for 10 minutes non-stop, you will be asked to come and console your child or remove him or her from the sitting service.
  • Should your child’s behavior become abusive either verbally or physically (biting, hitting, kicking, pinching, etc…) towards another child or caregiver, a report will be filled regarding the situation and reviewed by a Supervisor.
  • The staff appreciates any written, special instructions to help care for your child or baby.
  • No personal toys or videos are allowed in the sitting service.
  • WCPR cannot be responsible for any lost or stolen items.
  • If there policies and procedures are not abided by, your sitting service privileges may be revoked!


  • 14 participants at one time, per room
  • The sitting service is offered to all patrons on a first come, first served basis and on a walk-in basis only, no reservations will be taken and you may not hold spots for others.
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