Timberland Park

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Timberland Park Programs

At Timberland Park we offer a variety of outdoor programs including guided nature hikes, history programs, night hikes, Jr. Naturalist Camp, and more! Most programs are FREE to attend. Some activities will require online pre-registration. For questions call the park at (615) 232-4154.

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June Programs

1 Mile Guided Hike
Sat, 6/3 8:30am
Reg. Code #28532

Tree Hike
Sat, 6/3 11:00am
Reg. Code #28533

Butterfly Hike
Sat, 6/3 3:00pm
Reg. Code #28534

2 Mile Guided Hike
Sun, 6/4 8:30am
Reg. Code #28535

Make a Corn Husk Doll
Sun, 6/4 10:30am
Reg. Code #28536

Land Navigation
Sun, 6/4 1:30pm
Reg. Code #28537

Animal Tracks
Sat, 6/10 10:30am
Reg. Code #28538

1 Mile Guided Hike
Sat, 6/10 12:00pm
Reg. Code #28539

Make a Nature Journal
*Registration Required*
Sat, 6/10 3:00pm
Reg. Code #28540

Tree Hike
Sun, 6/11 10:30am
Reg. Code #28541

Get Observant in Nature
Sun, 6/11 1:00pm
Reg. Code #28542

1.5 Mile Guided Hike
Sun, 6/11 3:00pm
Reg. Code #28543

All About Owls
*Registration Required*
Sat, 6/17 11:00am
Reg. Code #28545

Signs of Wildlife
Sat, 6/17 1:00pm
Reg. Code #28546

A History of the Natchez Trace
*Registration Required*
Sat, 6/17 3:00pm
Reg. Code #28547

Get Observant in Nature
Sun, 6/18 10:00am
Reg. Code #28544

Hiking Essentials
Sun, 6/18 3:00pm
Reg. Code #28548

1 Mi Guided Hike
Sat, 6/24 10:30am
Reg. Code #28549

Native Snakes of TN
*Registration Required*
Sat, 6/24 1:00pm
Reg. Code #28552

Native American History-Atl, Atl
Sat, 6/24 3:00pm
Reg. Code #28551

2 Mi Guided Hike
Sun, 6/25 10:30am
Reg. Code #28550

Fern Hike
Sun, 6/25 1:00pm
Reg. Code #28553

Healthy Parks, Healthy Person

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