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Williamson County Community Garden

Garden PhotosWilliamson County Parks and Recreation offers gardeners a wonderful place to plant and grow a garden. The Williamson County Community Garden is located directly across from the Academy Park Gymnasium at 120 Everbright Avenue in Franklin.  We are thrilled to have this gem in our local Franklin community.

WCPR is excited to have you join our garden community! You may request a plot of your own to plant and tend by emailing Krystal.Turner@williamsoncounty-tn.gov. To be placed on the email group and to receive updates on classes and events that will be happening in the garden please contact Krystal Turner at Krystal.Turner@williamsoncounty-tn.gov

“Garden Time” is part of the Senior Sports calendar and anyone can participate! In this garden WCPR will maintain 4 plots for the local senior community who are unable to care for a plot of their own. Gardeners may plant and tend their plot anytime that is convienent.

Water Update

The water system fully hooked up. The watering system is currently running 7mins per zone 3 times a week which should be a good amount of water without over-watering. Please let me know if you feel the plants are getting over watered or under watered. I am able to relay your message to the right people to adjust the settings.

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