Senior Sports

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Marne Smith - Academy Park Campus
Pickleball instructor Marne Smith
Marne is a nationally ranked USAPA Member in good standing. She also a certified pickleball instructor through the International Professional Teaching Pickleball Association (IPTPA). She has been playing pickleball for 7 years and travels around the country playing in tournaments. She is the #1 ranked doubles and mixed doubles player in the State of  Tennessee for seniors in her age group. Currently she teaches beginner and intermediate clinics at Academy Park in Franklin. She loves the game and loves to teach even more.
Contact information: or 949-294-4645
Melissa Powell - Indoor Sports Complex in Brentwood
Pickleball instructor Melissa Powell

Melissa Powell is a native of Tennessee. She is an IPTPA certified Pickleball instructor and has been teaching clinics and lessons for about 4 years. She is sponsored by ProLite Pickleball and she is a 4.5 tournament rated player. Melissa has taught Physical Education for 28 years. She received her Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees from MTSU, where she also played volleyball. She played USTA tennis for many years. When she is not teaching or playing pickleball, she enjoys spending time with family and traveling.
Most Recent Achievements
-2020 Senior Olympic Qualifier, WDS 55+ Silver, MX 55+ Gold
-2019 NC Holiday Smash, WDS 5.0 Silver
-2019 Pickleball Nashville Labor Day Tourney WDS 5.0 Bronze
-2019 USAPA Great Lake Regional, WDS 5.0 Silver, MX 4.5 Silver
-2019 Atlanta Open South Pickleball Championships, MX 4.5 Silver
-2019 KY-ANA Pickleball Series WDS 5.0 Bronze
-2019 Logan Stanley Memorial Tourney, WDS 5.0 Silver
-2019 Greater Ohio Valley Invitational, WDS 4.5 Gold, MX 4.5 Gold
-2019 SEMO CHEMO Smash, WDS 4.5 Gold
Contact information: or 615-424-6424 

Shana Uppermann - Longview Recreation Center

Shana Uppermann started playing pickleball in 2015, the year the Longview Recreation Center opened for pickleball. She competed in local pickleball tournaments and received her International Pickleball Teaching Professional Association (IPTPA) certification in 2019. 
She is the founder of Pickleball Philippines and is a World Ambassador of International Federation of Pickleball (IFP), the world governing body for the sport of pickleball.
She is currently working on a certification from IFP Academy, the official training division of IFP.
Antonio Cummings - Longview Recreation Center

antonio cummings lvpb instructor

- IPTPA Level 2 Certified Instructor
- Sponsored player of Engage Pickleball
- Multi-tournament Pickleball medalists in contests throughout the United States
- Experienced teacher of both groups and individuals
- Contact information: or 615-495-9882

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