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FencingWCPR offers a unique course each Tuesday and Thursday at Crockett Indoor Arena in Brentwood. Fencing is a modern day equivalent to a sword fight. This is one of the fastest growing sports in the county. Fencing will teach participants about the basic rules of the sport, followed by safety and movement mechanics. This 2 times a week course administers progression with teaching the fundamentals and development of balanced movement, proper techniques and attacks.

Upcoming Clinics:


Spring Fencing Session:

Registration: Feb 3-Feb 28
Location: Indoor Arena at Crockett Park
Season: Mar 3-April 2
Day/Time: Tues/Thurs Time-7:15-8:15pm
Cost: $125
Registration Code:16246

For more information contact Chris Podunajec at 615-377-6530 ext 6602 or
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