Summer Activities

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Specialty Camps

Specialty Camps are a great way to provide your child with fun and enriching activities that engage their imagination and creativity.  We offer options for children and teens to be entertained, educated and active. We also offer a variety of other programs which may be found in other areas of the website.  Please see Health & Wellness, Music Classes, Recreation Classes, and Art Classes for more programs.

Please visit our general program pages for information about classes and camps!

Refund Policy for Summer Specialty Camps and Programming

Credits, Transfers or Refunds will be processed upon request pertaining to Summer Specialty Camps and Programming in accordance with the following policy:

1. Should you need to cancel your child’s participation in a summer camp, you must notify the department contact no later than 1 week prior to the start of the program. No credits, transfers or refunds will be processed less than 1 week before the date a summer camp is scheduled to begin.

2. Whether you choose to cancel your registration in advance of the 1-week period; or if WCPR cancels the summer specialty camp that your child is registered in, you will be given the option of receiving a credit to your WCPR account, transferring your payment to another registration of the same value (or less), or receiving a refund by check for the amount of the class/program/league or activity fee. Due to State Auditing/Fund Regulations, any On-line Processing Fees cannot be credited or refunded.

CREDITS: After speaking with a WCPR staff member regarding the cancellation of your registration, they can credit your on-line WCPR account the amount of the activity fee. Credits are immediately effective once in your WCPR account and can be used towards any future WCPR activity registration/payment. Processing fees will apply.

TRANSFERS: A WCPR staff member will work with you to transfer your canceled registration towards a future activity of the same value (or less). If you choose an activity with a higher fee, processing fees will apply and it will be your responsibility to enroll your child.

REFUNDS: The amount of the summer camp fee will be issued back to you in the form of a check from Williamson County Government. Processing fees will not be refunded. Please allow 2-3 weeks to receive refunds processed by check.

Special consideration refunds must be submitted in writing to management staff.

Facility Contacts:
Franklin Recreation Complex 615-790-5719, ext. 2018 Laurie Kamunen
Williamson County Enrichment Center 615-790-5719, ext. 2018 Laurie Kamunen
Longview Recreation Center 615-302-0971, ext. 2214 Chase Cribbs
Fairview Recreation Complex 615-799-9331, ext. 2315 Andrew Hawken
Nolensville Recreation Complex 615-786-0200, ext. 2417 Erin Williams

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