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Dance & Tumbling Birthday Parties

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Rhythm & Spirit
Dance/Tumbling Birthday Party Guidelines

1) Host parent must contact a Rhythm and Spirit Coordinator for initial birthday party requests. All parties must
be booked at least 2 weeks in advance. Please contact Brittney Williams (Brittney.Williams@williamsoncounty-tn.gov) to begin the process of booking your party.

2) Rhythm and Spirit birthday parties are offered at the following locations: Franklin, Longview, Nolensville, or

3) A Rhythm and Spirit Coordinator will send host parent the birthday party registration form.

4) To complete the booking, the birthday party registration form must be submitted to Brittney Williams (Brittney.Williams@williamsoncounty-tn.gov). *The party will not be reserved until this step is completed.

5) Host Parent will need to specify which party option they would like to choose at the time of booking: Ballerina,
Hip Hop, or Tumbling.

6) After the party has been booked, a coordinator will send the party payment link to the host parent. This
payment will need to be made 2 weeks prior to the date of the party. Payment can be made online following
the link sent through email by the coordinator or with the front desk at the party location.

7) Cost of the party is $150 with a maximum of 15 children in attendance. *We are unable to accommodate
parties with more than 15 class participants.

8) Rhythm & Spirit parties are for ages 3-15 years old. *Siblings and party guests must be within this age range in order to participate in the dance portion of the party.

9) Cancellation Policy: WCPRD/Rhythm & Spirit requires at least 48 hours notice if Host Parent needs to cancel
their party to receive a full refund. Cancellation requests must be made in writing through email. No refunds
will be given with less than 48 hours notice.

10) Reschedule Policy: WCPRD/Rhythm & Spirit requires at least 48 hours notice if Host Parent needs to
reschedule their party. All reschedule requests must be made in writing through email. Party must be
rescheduled within 1 month of the original party date.

11) Your party includes: A 2-hour room reservation for host parent to supply cake, presents, etc. Setup in this
room can take place 30 minutes prior to your reservation. The 45 minute class portion of the party takes place
in the dance studio with a Rhythm & Spirit Instructor. The remainder of the party will occur in the party room
and the host parent will be responsible for this portion of the party.

12) Host Parent may supply: table decorations & balloons, paper products and cutlery, birthday
cake/pizza/refreshments, goody bags, etc. WCPR will not supply these items. No events may be catered.
Food must be pre-cooked and brought into the facility by the Host family.

13) The taping, pinning or fastening of banners, posters, etc. in any way to the walls or ceilings is prohibited. Use
of confetti or glitter is prohibited. Any damage and/or extended cleaning time resulting from the
aforementioned will be the responsibility of the Host Parent.

14) Participants are welcome to wear dance attire and dance shoes, but are not required to do so.

15) At least 1 parent must stay for the duration of the party. Additional parents can stay in the reserved party
room during the class portion of the party. Parents will be invited in the class during the last 10 minutes to
take pictures/video. An R&S instructor will remain in the building for the duration of the party.

16) Meeting room space and dance studio must be left clean and orderly once the reservation time is over. This
requires that all trash is placed in proper trash receptacles, all dance/tumbling equipment is clean, and any
supplies, decorations or personal items brought by birthday party host parent are removed from the room.

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