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J.E.A.P.'s Teen Programs

JEAPs Summer Trips

Thank you ALL for an AMAZING summer with JEAPs!!!

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What's new in 2019?
We're excited to announce a couple new opportunities this year! Who doesn't love discounts? Well, WCPR loves giving discounts--and we LOVE getting registrations! With that, we've constructed a couple new options for registration this year: the "All Summer" Pass and the "Pick Five" Pass! What are these new passes, you might ask? Let us explain...

The "All Summer" Pass is exactly what is sounds like--one fee for all 10 summer trips. If a JEAPer were to go on all 10 trips and buy them separately, it would cost $460. With the "All Summer" Pass, JEAPers pay only $400 for all 10 trips! Not only do you get the $60 in savings, but JEAPs is also giving out a JEAPs "Swag Bag" with the "All Summer" Pass that includes:
  •  JEAPs T-Shirt
  •  Frisbee
  •  Hand Sanitizer
  •  Cinch Bag
To register for the JEAPs "All Summer" Pass, you can either click here or search the Activity Code 13995 at

The "Pick Five" Pass also offers a great deal of savings, but on a smaller scale. Can't make it to all 10 trips, but you still want to hang out with us for half the summer? With this pass, JEAPers are able to pick five of their favorite trips and pay a one-time registration fee of $225. This could be an amazing deal, depending on the trips JEAPers pick! To register for the JEAPs "Pick Five" Pass, you can either click here or search the Activity Code 13996 at

What is J.E.A.P.'s?

J.E.A.P.’s stands for Junior Excursion Adventure Programs and is designed to keep your “tween” and teenager engaged in a variety of exciting activities.  Youth ages 11 to 15 can participate in various programs which bring out their adventurous side by taking trips white water rafting, playing paintball, canoeing, navigating a ropes course and much more.  Programs include day trips during school breaks throughout the year as well as specialty summer camp programs.  Keep your teen busy and active with J.E.A.P’s.  All trips will depart from the Franklin Recreation Complex, 1120 Hillsboro Rd., Franklin, TN 37064. PRE-REGISTRATION AND PAYMENT IS REQUIRED; SPACE IS LIMITED! 

For more information about trips and trip registration, please call Chase Cribbs at 615-302-0971 x 2214 or

Field Trip Departure Information Please be aware that for Day Trips, it is vitally important that your drop your child off at the Franklin Recreation Complex no later than 30 minutes prior to departure time.  Check-In will be inside the Gymnasium.  We need 30 minutes to ensure all procedures have been organized and followed to prepare everyone for departure.  When you arrive late, you delay this process and cause us to be late arriving at our scheduled destination.

How are children identified on Field Trips? At the time of check-in, every child will receive a colored, plastic wristband.  Every child will be instructed to keep the wristband on at all times.  The staff will remove the wristbands from each child once they have returned from the Day Trip.

Should I send spending money with my child? Children are permitted to bring spending money for location gift shops and concession stands.  If your child wishes to carry the money with them in an appropriate container, that is fine, but they must have the understanding that they are responsible for that money and that it cannot be replaced if lost.  If you would prefer that the money be held by our staff, please put it in a baggie or envelope with your child’s name on it and turn it into the Field Trip Supervisor.  Please be mindful that if children have a surplus of spending money, our staff may limit their concession purchases in order to assure that they do not eat too much junk which could make them sick on site or on the bus.

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