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Sensory & Family Friendly Performances & Programs

The Williamson County Performing Arts Center (PAC) offers live Sensory-Friendly performances designed to create a more comfortable experience for those with sensitivity to sensory input and their families in a welcoming, non-judgemental environment. These performances are also a wonderful opportunity for those with young children to see a play in a more welcoming environment.

Sensory   family friendly theatre logoThese performances include:
* Lower sound level
* Reduction of loud, startling or jarring sounds
* House lights on at a low level in the theatre during the performance
* A reduction of stage lighting and special effects lighting on stage and on the audience
* Subtitles and identification of sensory-rich moments in the script
* Patrons are free to talk and leave their seats during the performance
* Space at the front of the theatre for standing, laying down or moving - with seats close by for a family member to sit
* Designated "take a break" area in theatre lobby and patio area.  There is a TV monitor in the lobby for those still wanting to see the performance
* Online printable "Social Story", containing photos and verbiage about what to expect and where to find things at the theatre.  Click Here to access our Social Story.

Please feel free to bring comforting objects, such as fidget toys and weighted stuffed animals or lap blankets, as well as noise-reducing headphones.  (We do have some to loan out if you forget.) And while we do have a concession stand, you are welcome to bring food to assist with dietary restrictions/needs for a snack.

Please contact Alison Worden at 615-786-0186 ext 2513 or with any questions about children/youth theatre.

Questions?  Please feel free to contact:

Williamson County Performing Arts Center
112 Everbright Street
Franklin, TN. 37064
(615) 786-0186

Williamson County Parks & Recreation Department
Therapeutic Division
Traci Hamby, Superintendent
1120 Hillsboro Road
Franklin, TN. 37064
(615) 790-5719 ext.2021 or 2033

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