General Audition Information for Star Bright Children's Theatre Productions (subject to change)
  • Children can arrive any time during these time periods, but may be required to wait.  Parents may accompany their children in the waiting area, but may not observe the actual audition process.
  • Children will need to be able to sing a song - “Happy Birthday” will do, or they may bring a cassette tape/CD of music to sing along with if they choose. Note: An accompianist will not be available at auditions.  If you are going to prepare a selection to sing at auditions, please choose something in the Musical Theatre genre.  “ Pop, Country or Contemporary Christian" music, etc. does not give the directors a true picture of the singer's technique and ability to handle the demands of a musical theatre production.
  • Some children may be “called back” for a second audition.
  • The Director is looking for children who are VOCAL and EXPRESSIVE!!!
  • There is a $75.00 Activity Fee for each child cast in the show (covers costume rental & cast t-shirt).
What to expect if you receive a role - - - Parent Involvement 
If you are cast, there will be a MANDATORY Parent & Cast Meeting at Freedom Middle School Theatre.  You and your parent MUST attend this meeting (even if you have been in a Star Bright production before!!!).  If your parent cannot attend the meeting they MUST call Janey Mason with Parks and Recreation to let her know.  At the meeting you will be given a rehearsal schedule and important show details.  Cast members will also learn one of the show songs at the conclusion of the meeting.  Parents please arrive early as you will need to do the following prior to the start of the meeting:
1) Pay the $75.00 Activity Fee (this fee is used to offset the cost of your child’s costume rental and cast t-shirt).  You may pay this fee with cash (in the exact amount) or with a check made payable to WCPRD.
2) We will also be requesting that you pay the $10.00 Cast Party Fee (separate from the Activity Fee) at this time.  This will be a huge help in avoiding the chaos of trying to collect the money the week or 2 before the show.  You may pay this fee with cash or a “blank” check. 

*Rehearsals will take place at the Freedom Middle School Theatre, 750 Highway 96 West in Franklin.  The theatre is found at the Northern most point of the school. Drop off and pick up should be through the back stage door.  *Rehearsals will typically take place on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday evenings from 5:30pm to 7:30pm.  Depending on the role they are cast, children will typically be here no more than 2-3 nights out of the four up until the last week of rehearsal or so.  *Please be sure that you give Mrs. Milstead a complete list of any conflicts you may have with your rehearsal schedule over the next 10-11 weeks.

*Performances will be held at the Freedom Middle School Theatre, April 30th - May 3rd, 2015.

For more information regarding upcoming auditions, rehearsals or performances for the Star Bright Players, please contact Janey Mason
with the Williamson County Parks & Recreation Department at (615)790-5719 ext. 2030.