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Timberland Hike


Events & Hikes
Guided hikes, children's hike, kids' nature journal, signs of wildlife, and more! These programs are FREE to attend. Activities marked with an asterisk (*) require online pre-registration using the codes provided. For more information, please call the park at (615)232-4154.

December Programs
December 10: 10:00am Snack with Santa (Registration#: 13567) This event is full and reservations are closed. Come on out to Timberland Park to get your picture taken with Santa and make gingerbread houses! This event is free for kids ages 6 & under. For more information, contact Erin at 615-786-0200 ext. 2417.

December 21:
9:00am - First Day of Winter Hike (Registration#: 13358) Join park staff for a brisk morning hike to celebrate the winter solstice. This walk will 3/4 of a mile long.

2:00pm - Honeycomb Candle Making (Registration#: 13359) December 21 is the winter solstice. It is the “darkest” day of the year. What better time to learn how to make a honey comb candle to light things up for you? Participants will create and take home their own honeycomb candle and get to sample some honey. Along with the candle making, you will also learn about the life history of the honeybee. Come on out to the park! Program Costs $2.00 per person.

December 22: 5:15 pm - Full Moon Hike (Registration #:13357) Come out to Timberland to see the park as it is rarely seen: at night! We will hike around half a mile and discuss different night-time creatures and try to dispel some of our fears of the night. As an added bonus, we will have a full moon to hike by. This is truly going to be a fantastic time. Join us! Pre-Registration is strictly required.

January Programs
January 4: 3:00pm- Mammal Pelts of TN (Registration#: 13370) Have you ever wanted to feel how soft an otter’s fur is? Or perhaps you want to pet a coyote. This is your chance to do so safely! Come out to the park for a talk about some of Tennessee’s native mammals and also get a chance to feel their pelts.

January 11: 3:00pm - Stories From Appalachia (Registration#: 13372) Come sit by the fire at the visitor center and listen to a few traditional Appalachian stories.

January 29: 10:00am- Winter Wildlife Walk (Registration#: 13375) Join park staff for a half mile winter walk. We will focus on searching for signs of wildlife as we walk.

February Programs
February 13: 2:00pm- Guided Hike (Registration#: 13382) Join our staff at Timberland Park for a hike! Topics covered will range from our native plants and animals to the history of the area. Hike will be 2 miles in length.

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